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        • Recent Topics

        • Removing some events from the email alerts

          We add all of our Career Development Workshops to our target connect calendar for CRM purposes. We publish them so that we can get the QR code and during class, students register for the event. However, it's come to my attention that these events are
        • Version 9.14.0 - Release date: 20-09-2023

          Version 9.14.0 We are pleased to present the latest targetconnect release, 9.14.0! This release consists of a new rejection drop down list for organisations/opportunities, an improvement to the custom field/form search box, and bug fixes. The release
        • Filtered sector search link for Organisations

          We need to be able to generate a filtered search link of organisations. Our plan is to create custom sectors within the organisations and use these filters to curate tailored lists for students. Generally, they do not explore the organisations database
        • Closing a Pathway Activity

          Hi, We have closed this year's Pathway forms to register for student counselling and activated a new one for the 2023/24 session. I would like students to still be able to review the forms they have began this year but not be able to submit the form as
        • Pathway event activity loop

          We have some pathways with event activities and the 'include straight to next activity' option set to yes. Attending the events isn't really a requirement of the pathway, but when a student clicks on 'next activity', no matter where they are in the pathway,
        • Webinar recap: Approaches to embedding the targetconnect Skills Framework within an institution - perspectives from Sheffield and Lincoln

          Thank you to everyone that joined us yesterday for the Approaches to embedding the targetconnect Skills Framework within an institution - perspectives from Sheffield and Lincoln webinar. This was a brilliant session hearing from those that have and are
        • Custom page panes by user type

          If I want to show different custom pane content to different user types, e.g. for employers, what velocity code do I need. I tried #if($user.SimpleName() == 'EmployerUser') but this didn't work! Thanks :)
        • Report to pull full salary info

          Hi, Is there a report that can pull the salary and salary description field? I've pulled the opportunity details report and it just has the salary field, which is no good on it's own for some of our roles. I've check our custom fields and salary description
        • Share search option moved?

          Hi, I'm creating a new saved event search in order to set up an RSS feed on our website which I've done a few times with no issues. However, when trying to do this today I no longer see the 'share this search' tick box option when saving my searched criteria.
        • Event QR code - Limitations around Restrictions and Bookings Closed

          The new QR code functionality for recording attendance at events is really exciting and lots of my colleagues are looking forward to trying it out at upcoming events. I have noticed from the documentation and from my own testing that users are unable
        • Unsubscribing Students & Graduates from Emails on Their Behalf?

          Hello all, We've just sent out a big bulk email to a lot of students, and have received a few requests in return for us to unsubscribe some recipients from being emailed again. However, finding the student's profile on Target Connect and going into their
        • Measuring success of pathways

          Hi - we're quite new to pathways and have just launched 5 for the autumn term on topics like job hunting, CVs etc. We're wondering how to measure whether they have been a success. Our ideas are: - How many students complete them (or engage in some way)
        • Pathways - show submissions in chronological order

          Hi Does anyone know if there is a way to view pathway applicants in order of application date? Currently applicants are all in a random order and it makes it difficult to keep track of new applicants so just wondered if there is a way to filter view.
        • Differentiating between external events and events hosted by us

          Hi all, Hope everyone is looking forward to the weekend as of the time of me posting this :) We've recently had a thought that, with the amount of external events we're hosting on our Target Connect, we may be having difficulties with our students being
        • New User Account Activation Notifications

          Hi Can someone point in me the right direction for the html for the new user account activation notification please. Done a search but not be able to find it. Thank you! Alison
        • Add Country List to Custom Field List Selection

          Just a quick one to suggest that the country list (under organisation lists) be accessible as a list to be chosen in custom fields, so that we don't need to maintain our own list of countries where it may be needed. Our use case is asking students where
        • Creating appointment types in targetconnect

        • Using Velocity and HTML in Custom Panes and Notifications

        • Drop-in wait time

          How can I change this 2 minute wait time? Feel like I've looked everywhere. 🤯
        • Pathway Users List

          On the list of Users who have completed Pathways, I think it would be great if you could filter the list by start/completion date so we can, for example, filter for students who have completed a Pathway during a specific date range. In addition, if there
        • QR Codes

          Hi At the Scottish Connect meeting, we were shown how to produce/create a QR Code, linked to an event on TargetConnect, that could be used for Non University students/graduates. Could we have instructions on how to do this? Many thanks. Alison
        • Bulk add students to a Pathway & bulk tag

          Hi, We are moving our skills award on to a Pathway - we already have c. 1500 students on the skills award so it would be useful to be able to bulk add them to the Pathway. It would also be useful if when bulk adding students to the Pathway that it also
        • Allow operators to specify AND or OR in the Search Student by Tag Filter

          Hello, I'm running into an issue with the Student Search by Tag feature in Students > Search Students > Filter, and would like to request an improvement. Currently, Target Connect doesn't let the operator specify whether to filter student tags by AND
        • Add appointment.schedule.all

          As it stands, an operator with the permission appointment.schedule can schedule any appointment type, for any operator with the relevant permission. This is an issue since an operator could make appointments on behalf of another (be it accidental or otherwise),
        • Multiple similar adverts from the same employer

          At this time of year we often get multiple adverts through TARGET Link from single employers. These can often be for same role but in multiple different location. Where it is possible we try to combine them into one nationwide advert, as we believe that
        • 'Type of contact' Report

          Is it possible to pull a report on employer contacts based on the 'type of contact' field? When looking at the filters for the 'organisation user details' report, this doesn't seem to be an option? Also doesn't seem to be in Looker either. Thanks, D
        • Notification Categories and Pathway Links

          Hi all, I tried searching the forum for the answer to this but I can't seem to find anything that would help. We're looking to add a link to our pathways in our Event Attend notification category, so that when students who have attended our events are
        • Include option to 'Add Prospective Organisation' from Self-Sourced placement submission

          At the moment when a student submits a Self-Sourced Placement an Operator can choose to either link the placement to an existing Organisation or create a new Organisation if it doesn't already exist. We would like to also have the option to create a new
        • QR Codes - Events

          Would it be possible, on the page students see when scanning the QR code to mark their attendance for events, that we could have an operator customizable 'tips/help/hint' text box. The reason I ask: students often get confused about their student number
        • Job sectors default from Match All to Match Any

          Dear All, A quick question if I may and apologies if I am late to the party on this... Does any one else have issue with the job sector default sitting on Match All rather than Match Any on the student side of MyCareer? Last academic year we received
        • Events with a registration deadline before the event

          Hi everyone, would love to know if anyone has come up with a solution to this issue please, an event which has a registration deadline a few weeks before. When the student clicks on the event, as they usually only look at the event a few days before,
        • Webinar recap: Introducing targetjobs/gradireland Pathways

          Thank you to everyone that joined us last week for the ' targetjobs/gradireland Pathways: Lunch and Learn ” webinar. It was great to be able to share with everyone the exciting development recently released allowing you to embed targetjob pathways directly
        • Auto time out for unused referral appointments

          Within TC you can refer a student for a separate appointment such as a longer discussion to chat through a more complex situation. These referrals can be left unused by students who then move into the graduate group. Can some programming be included to
        • Events - Create repeat event requiring just one registration

          Hi, We are currently looking at setting up an online event which will run each Thursday between a certain time. We would like to set this up on a single repeating schedule and for students to only have to register once and they can keep attending each
        • List view of appointments date order

          Hi Has anyone elses date order changed on appointment view - list view. It used to be most recent at the top now its furthest date at the top and I cant seem to find a way to change it? If this is a feature - can there be an option to order by date -
        • Error when trying to book onto events

          Hello, Recently we change the name of our service and this has been updated in TargetConnect as of today. It looks like everything is working appropriately except for Events. When a student logs in, they can see the event but when they go to click on
        • Version 9.13.0 - Release date: 06-09-2023

          Version 9.13.0 We are pleased to present the latest targetconnect release, 9.13.0! This release consists of a community platform idea, a minor update to the targetjobs/gradireland Pathways, and bug fixes. Community Platform Idea Your feedback is so important
        • can we add a picture to an activity?

          Hi there:) Any idea how to add a picture to an activity? When trying to do so>insert imagine> ask you for a source but you cannot "browse" and actually insert the imagine. Any help would be much appreciated! Thank you:)
        • CV Books

          We have had some comments from recruiters that they would like the order of applicants on a cv book to include page numbers on the index. One recruiter mentioned that when the panel are discussing which students to shortlist they are struggling to find
        • Auto-filtering Graduate registrations to make management of list easier

          Here at Reading we spend some time before Graduation encouraging students to sign up for a Graduate account once they have graduated, as they're able to receive 2 years of support once they've left the university. Our student records/Alumni team don't

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