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        Group Training Sessions

        January to March Sessions

        Event QR codes and Self check-in

        Upcoming dates:
        Tue 30/01, 13:00 and Thu 01/02, 14:00 (Rescheduled from 25/01)

        In this session we will be exploring how to use QR codes to register attendance at events and also how we can use self check-in with events to register their attendance, to alert staff that they have arrived for an appointment or to register why they have come to the service.
        We will explore what it looks like, how to set it up, how to avoid some common mistakes and how to get the most out of these features.
        Target audience: Any operators who use or would like to use these features can join.

        The targetconnect Maintenance Menu

        Upcoming dates:
        Thu 08/02, 14:00 
        and Tue 13/02, 13:00

        There are many options in the targetconnect maintenance menu, during this session we will work our way through what each of them control. We will not be going through every item in this menu as many of them have been covered in previous training sessions but this session can serve as an overview of where to much of the platform is configured.
        Intended audience: Platform super users or anyone with access to any of the maintenance options.

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        Accessing and publishing content to targetconnect's Career Discovery Feed

        Upcoming dates:
        Thu 22/02, 14:00 and Tue 27/02 at 13:00

        Universities can publish their own content to the Career Discovery Feed from within targetconnect.
        In this session we will explore how to publish and preview content to the career discovery feed that can be accessed by students, graduates and custom users that are registered on the platform.

        Managing organisations in targetconnect

        Upcoming dates:
        Thu 14/03, 14:00 and Tue 19/03 at 13:00

        There are lots of ways to work with and manage organisations that a university works with in targetconnect and working with them efficiently can save those who work with those organisations a lot of trouble and headaches when used well.
        In this session we will be looking at the experience of an organisation as it registers to gain access to the platform, showing off our updated registration process that we refined in 2023, how an operator can review and manage the registration, whether approving, editing, rejecting or merging with another existing organisation and we will also touch on the creation of prospective organisations to that you can record interactions with new organisations that aren't quite ready to register onto your platform and post opportunities or book onto events just yet.